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Mojave Amplifiers and Accessories

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Mojave Amps & Accessories

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Mojave Scorpion Head - 50 Watt Fixed-Bias - (2) EL34s

The Mojave Scorpion is basically a little brother of the Peacemaker, but think of it as the little brother with a serious case of "small man syndrome."   Like the Peacemaker, it utilizes Mojave's exclusive Current Tracking Technology and boasts a non-master volume setup, but the Mojave Scorpion has (2)-EL34 power tubes. However the transformers are the same size as those of the Peacemaker allowing for more clean headroom and a killer bottom end. The unique Current Tracking Technology utilized in the PeaceMaker's preamp provides an increased sensitivity and clarity, with half the noise of other preamp technologies, while still delivering a high level of gain capacity. This proves to be very useful for recording and generally getting a better more organic quality of sound.  The two volumes operate 2 separate and differently voiced preamp channels ( one dark and one bright ) that can be blended in nearly infinite combinations to create different tones. In addition, there are four tone controls that add to the versatility of this tone monster! Hi and low gain inputs can also be used individually or simultaneously.


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