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Mojave Amplifiers and Accessories

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Mojave Amps & Accessories

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Mojave Plexi 45 Head - Fixed-Biased - (2) 6L6s

The absolute ultimate JTM45 styled amp!! Made for the player whose tonal diversity requires clarity and soul filled singing leads, the Mojave Plexi 45 will deliver. Specially developed for the classics, the Mojave Plexi 45 can help even the novice player sound seasoned. The Plexi 45 is equipped with two (2) 6L6 power output tubes, one (1)-GZ 34 tube rectifier and three (3)-12AX7 pre-amp tubes. All tubes are hand-selected for the ultimate in tone and reliability. An adjustable bias pot makes it easy to service the amplifier when changing tubes. If the 6L6 power tube is not your cup of tea, the Mojave Plexi 45 can also be run with: KT66, 5881 or EL34 power tubes to better suit your particular tastes. Special attention has been paid to the amplifier's chassis layout to ensure that each component is placed in an exact location. From the transformer layout to the interior assembly, the Mojave Plexi 45 is faithful in its classic design. High quality parts are utilized to ensure many years of excellent sound and performance, a Mojave Amp Works trademark.



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