Synergy Guitar Boutique offers Brian Moore, ESP, Don Grosh, Nik Huber, Paul Reed Smith, Suhr and Warrior Guitars.  We also offer Breedlove, Larrivee, Maton, Takamine, Taylor and Washburn Acoustic Guitars. We carry Ritter Bass and Warrior Bass Guitars.  We carry Amps from Diezel, Hughes & Kettner, Mojave Amp Works, VHT & THD.




Synergy Guitar Boutique offers Jackson Custom Shop Guitars.

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Jackson Guitars

We are an Authorized Dealer for Jackson Custom Shop & USA Guitars 


Jackson Guitars Examples


Jackson Guitars - 2007 NAMM Treasure Map Soloist


Features: Treasure Map Graphic with special denotations of Jackson Custom Shop Personnel, secretly hidden in Map.  alder Body, Reverse Headstock with 90's Jackson Logo in Pearl.  SH 4B Bridge and SH 1N Neck pickups, Tunomatic Bridge, Bone Nut, Maple Neck, Pearl Sharkfin Inlays, 24 Frets and Wicked!!!

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Jackson Guitars - 2007 NAMM Telecaster - Scorpion Paisley Graphic


Features: Scorpion Paisley Painted Graphic, Bolt-On Neck, Alder Body,  Reverse Headstock with 90's Jackson Logo in Pearl.  TB 4B Bridge and STK-S1N Neck pickups, Tele Bridge, Graphite Nut, Maple Neck, Pearl Sharkfin Inlays, 22 Frets and Scorpion Fretboard Inlays!!

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Synergy Owner, Robert & Mike Kotzen from the Jackson Custom Shop @ NAMM 2007


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Jackson Guitars - Blue Taboo Soloist - Sold


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Jackson Guitars - Color of Money - Sold


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Jackson Guitars - Hard Luck - Sold


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Jackson Guitars - Orange Taboo



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