Synergy Guitar Boutique offers Brian Moore, ESP, Don Grosh, Nik Huber, Paul Reed Smith, Suhr and Warrior Guitars.  We also offer Breedlove, Larrivee, Maton, Takamine, Taylor and Washburn Acoustic Guitars. We carry Ritter Bass and Warrior Bass Guitars.  We carry Amps from Diezel, Hughes & Kettner, Mojave Amp Works, VHT & THD.




Synergy Guitar Boutique offers Jackson Custom Shop Guitars.

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Jackson Guitars

We are an Authorized Dealer for Jackson Custom Shop & USA Guitars 


Jackson Arrives!!!! Examples Here!!!

Jackson Guitars has LANDED and it was awesome!!- Jenna Jameson Section


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Did We Mention that Jackson is Coming???????



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Jackson Guitars - Jenna Jameson Guitar

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Just in case you didn't know??? Jenna's Day Job!

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