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John Suhr Guitars

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Suhr Guitars Standard Features

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Direct from John Suhr:

"After many years of experience I'm convinced that nothing sounds better than a vintage style single truss rod. If the neck is made correctly there is no need for a "two way rod". We guarantee the necks for the lifetime of the original owner. We offer Plain grain hard rock maple as well as Birdseye Maple finest quality and museum grade birdseye, the Plain grain is usually the most stable (at least in my opinion), birdseye sure does look good though and ours is also eastern hard rock and comes from the same source as our plain grain. Our 1 piece plain grain maple necks are 1 piece with a Pau Ferro skunk stripe and headstock plug.

Our standard fingerboard Radius is 11-14" compound for the ultimate in clean bending with playability. Optional radius are 16", 9"-12" compound and 7.25 - 8.5" compound. The truss rod is accessed from the pickguard end of the neck with a special 1/8" allen wrench without removing the neck. All our frets and fingerboards are dressed with the neck under tension, the frets are re-crowned and polished for smooth bending. The corners of the fingerboard are broken in for a comfortable feel. Our current models are 25.5" fret scale using the "Buzz Feiten Tuning system". Other scale lengths will coming in the summer."

Neck Shape:

+/-.010" (the width of your high E string)

Even C Slim - this is a very friendly even taper slim C shape. The thickness runs .810" at the first fret to .880 at the 13th fret . It is our most popular shape and my personal favorite.

Even C Medium- the same as the even C slim but fatter, from .840" to .920"

Classic 60's Standard - A classic shape that starts out thin but tapers fatter at the 13th from about .810" at the first to a chunky .930" at the 13th fret. This used to be called our "Slim" 60's but really isn't that slim so we changed the name.

Classic 60's Medium - the same as the 60's slim but fatter, from .830" to .950"

D Shape Slim - A D-shaped neck that has a more shoulder or meat on the edge of the neck and is flatter on the back shape. It is also featured on our Scott Henderson model. It is slim about .8"-.880"

Big V - To me this is the only comfortable V neck, big from .880 to .980" it rolls in at the fingerboard and is a soft V that tapers to almost no V. Recommended for V neck fans.


Body Shapes:

Classic - This is the standard Vintage shape many of us grew up with the addition of a contoured heel where the neck bolts on for easy access to all the frets. The input jack is located on the side instead of the face to get out of the way from the trem arm. It features a blade cut tummy cut and even contours. It is the shape used on the "Scott Henderson Model" as well as the "Michael Thompson Model".

Standard - The shape I am best known for, the body is very slightly down sized and has a sharper radius on the edges. It also features a contoured heel and side input jack. It is a sleek take off of the Classic design.

Classic T - Digitized from an original 52, we offer this with a 3 saddle compensated Tele bridge or any of our other bridges like the Hardtail or 1099 tremolo. We also offer this with a hard vintage edge and no body cuts or arm, tummy, heel cuts for the ultimate in comfort. Rear route or traditional pickguard and control plate. Double bound is also an option.

Bridge options are our new Standard Trem with Steel Block, a push in arm 2&1/16" spacing, Gotoh 1088 (bent Saddles) screw in arm 2 & 1/8", hardtail, steel T bridge with 3 brass adjustable saddles, Fishman Power Bridge and Floyd Rose original. Tuning gears can be Sperzel staggered locking, Split shaft Gotoh Kluson style staggered. Knobs can be short chrome dome, standard White or Black plastic knobs, two or three ( only on Classics) control options.
White/Black/White, White, Black Satin, Black/White /Black, White pearl, Mint green, Bakolite and Tortoise Shell








Carve Top Standard - Alder or Basswood
Carve Top Standard - Fully Loaded, 10top 2 piece bookmatched Quilt Maple Top, Mahogany Body, Full real binding around the whole guitar, Gold Hardware, Floyd, EMG pickups, The Works!
Carved Arch Top - Mahogany Body Mahogany Top
Reb Beach Model
Scott Henderson - Chrome Hardware, 16"radius HSH, standard colors, options available
Michael Thompson Model - Classic, Maple neck, Abalone dots, Tele bridge pickup in a Classic Alder Body, 3 tone burst.
Classic T - Contoured heel, arm cut and tummy cut available
Classic 290 T - Two p90's and shorty pickguard

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