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The Soldano Supercharger GTO Pedal

Soldano has discontinued the Soldano GTO Supercharger Pedal line for 2007

We no longer have these In Stock.


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Soldano Supercharger GTO Pedal

All tube-circuitry! This rugged pedal is built with the same exacting care and high quality as all Soldano amps. 2 - 12AX7 tubes operating at 'real amp" plate voltages provide stable high gain and hot output levels that will make even the most mild-mannered amp scream. Use it as a line driver or an overdrive pedal. Gain, Tone, and Output controls let you run clean and hot (with the gain down and output up), allowing you to overdrive your amp's own pre-amp. Or you can crank up the gain, back off the output, and send a shot of pure Soldano overdrive to your amp or mixing board.

List $499.00

Synergy Price: $399.00   IN STOCK

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