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Custom Amp Switchers Pedal & Effects Loopers


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The Lehle Dual Effects Looper Pedal

 In response to numerous requests from guitarists, Lehle is pleased to announce the introduction of a fully programmable Dual Effects Looper/Switcher called the "D.Loop". The unit allows the guitarist to switch in effects loop A, effects loop B, or both effects loops at the same time (all in stereo). A buffered input which changes impedance from high to low can also be switched in, allowing the player to utilize long cable runs or clean effects with maximum effectiveness. In addition, the D.Loop is MIDI capable. The Lehle D.Loop can use any power supply between 8 and 20 V with either polarity (AC or DC). The supply voltage is internally rectified and stabilized in order to guarantee trouble free operation. High intensity LEDs behind a magnifying lens makes it easy to read switching state (Buffer, Loop A, Loop B) even under bright spotlights. All Lehle switchers are totally passive. To the purist, what this means is that the great tone you bought your particular tube amp for in the first place will not be compromised. Active switcher boxes (with their resultant change in impedance from high to low) cause an amp's crunch/distorted tone to become fuzzy. Lehle switchers maintain that unique interaction between guitar and amp, as if there is only a high quality cable in between.

List $270.00

Synergy Price: $249.00



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