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Hughes & Kettner Amplifiers & Accessories

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We have discontinued the Hughes & Kettner Guitar Amplification line while they are being distributed by Pearl International in the USA.

Hughes & Kettner Pedal Effects

Hughes and Kettner Rotosphere MK II Tube-Driven Rotating Speaker Simulator Pedal

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Tube Rotosphere MK II

Rotary cabinets inspired many magical moments of music history. Actually developed for electric organs, pop and rock icons of the ‘60s and ‘70s discovered that this fat, 3D effect works wonders with guitar signals. The Rotosphere ® has supplanted the rotary cabinet; today it is a fixture of many guitar heroes’ rigs.

Rather than replicating the complex processes of the original using virtual models, the Rotosphere ® achieves its effect via real tubes and the dynamic interplay of analog circuits. What makes the Rotosphere ®’s performance so convincing is authentic-sounding deceleration and acceleration and a Breaker switch (a popular modification to Leslie* cabinets of yore ). Like the original, the Rotosphere ® offers two rotation speeds and fine harmonic tube distortion generated by an ingenious high-voltage tube circuit. In stereo mode it delivers awe-inspiring tonal complexity and dynamics, making it nearly impossible to distinguish from the original.

In a nutshell, the Rotosphere ® delivers the tone, response and vibe of a Tube Leslie* in a compact, easy-to-handle device.

Back to the future! Guitarists enjoy a cool "new" option for creating spinning, swirling sounds, while keyboardists finally get that trusty Hammond tone in a level of quality that rivals the original. But in marked contrast to the original, all this comes in an affordable, transportable package.

· foolproof Leslie simulation

· high-voltage tube circuit, Drive and Output knobs for authentic tube growl

· easy to use and transport, particularly in comparison to the original

· hip sounds for guitar and organ

· faithful replication of Breaker switch

· two rotation speeds and independent acceleration and deceleration for top and bottom rotor

· variable final speed for both rotors

· real bypass

· stereo input and output

Retail Price $ 609.00
Synergy Price - $ 439.00

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Hughes & Kettner Rotosphere MK II


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