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Diezel Amplifiers

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Diezel VH4 Amplifiers

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Diezel VH4-S Amplifiers
Model: VH4S
Output Power: 2 x 45 - 80 W
Channels: 4
Loops: 4 channel inserts, serial and parallel master loops
Equalization: bass, mid treble in each channel, deep and presence in the master section
Pre-Amp: 4 individually voiced, all tube pre- amps. Clean, crunch, heavy and lead
Power-Amp: Stereo 2 tube per side power amp section. Accepts 6L6, EL34, 5881, 6550, KT66, etc.
Dimensions: 29"x11"x11"
Weight: 50lbs

Diezel Amp Features / Sounds / Advantages


The VH4 with 2x50 Watts, 2 Masters, 2 Presence, 2 Deep and 2 Mix-pots

The Diezel VH4S is the stereo version of the popular VH4. It has two independent power sections and a pair of master effects loops with stereo returns. Although rated at 50 watts per channel, the actual output is closer to 60 watts per channel for a total of 120 watts of bone-crushing power. Coupled with a stereo effects processor like the TC Electronic G-Force or the G-Major (or both!), the VH4S takes on a new dimension as a complete and powerful stereo rig with a built-in switching system. With a VH4S and a processor or two (and a few of your favorite pedals), you have a compact system with four outstanding-sounding channels that would have required 20 or more rack spaces in mega rack systems of only 10 years ago.

The Diezel VH4-S is an all-tube amp with four individual preamps, integrated midi-switcher and . . . .

The Diezel Clean channel is one of the best in the industry, with plenty power and lots of percussive, piano like punch.

The Diezel Crunch channel is very pleasing for bluesy play or with less gain to resemble a vintage clean tone. Crank the gain up and it becomes a nice broad and open crunch.

The third channel (Diezel Heavy) is simply unbelievable. It has big dynamic ranges, from playful little licks, tasty solo work, to all out metal gain. The tone will not lose definition, though. Even at high gain selections, with humbucker guitars, it speaks straight from the artist's fingers. This channel is easy to play for the intuitive. It cleans up with guitar volume rolled off, and then comes on like a freight train when needed.

Diezel Channel four starts where three leaves off. If gain is your thing, then channel four is sure to please you. It compresses more than three, retains definition to a large degree, and just shreds with big bass and strong high end. It is smooth distortion, creamy but authoritive. Very Loud.

The power stage of the Diezel VH4 is either mono or stereo, depending on which model you choose. VH4 is the mono amp, VH4S has stereo power and stereo effects returns. The circuit accepts 6L6, KT66, KT88, 6550, 5881, and with the flick of a switch also EL34 Power tubes. Biasing is simple and quick. The amp likes 35mA biasing current for matched tube sets. Each tube has a tube fault indicator, and a separate fuse. In case of tube failure, the fuse blows and takes the duet out of the circuit. You will finish your set with two tubes, instead of a dead amp.

The power amp has a master volume, presence and deep controls. There are parallel and serial returns to the power amp. Two sends give you flexibility far beyond any standards. One of the sends is front panel/midi switchable. The parallel return has a mix control on the front panel in the master section. Oh, not to forget the channel inserts for channel one through four. These can be manually or midi controlled. The Diezel Midi system has 16 channels, with 128 program changes.

$ 4,899.00 - Due to Very Limited Availability, This Amp is Pre-Order Only.  We simply cannot keep them in stocK, They are HOT!

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