Synergy Guitar Boutique offers Brian Moore, ESP, Don Grosh, Nik Huber, Paul Reed Smith, Suhr and Warrior Guitars.  We also offer Breedlove, Larrivee, Maton, Takamine, Taylor and Washburn Acoustic Guitars. We carry Ritter Bass and Warrior Bass Guitars.  We carry Amps from Diezel, Hughes & Kettner, Mojave Amp Works, VHT & THD.




Brian Moore Guitars


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Brian Moore Custom Guitars

Brian Moore Custom Guitars are now available exclusively direct from


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Brian Moore C90 Custom Shop Guitars
Brian Moore DC1 Custom Shop Guitars
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Brian Moore Custom Shop Colors
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Brian Moore Custom Shop Colors

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Acid Wash Blue

AcidStrawberry.jpg (202x300 -- 83740 bytes)

Acid Wash Strawberry

acidwash%20CSB%20%20flame.jpg (193x300 -- 64703 bytes)

Acid Wash CSB Flame

acidwash%20Gray%20.jpg (225x300 -- 53967 bytes)

Acid Wash Grey

Acidwash%20purple%20.JPG (225x300 -- 81125 bytes)

Acid Wash Purple

AcidwashBlue%20.JPG (225x300 -- 57278 bytes)

Acid Wash Blue - Again

AcidWashedNAMM.jpg (600x450 -- 80434 bytes)

Whole line of Acid Washed Brian Moores

Looks like my House!


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Black Teal

blackberry62919.jpg (225x300 -- 82311 bytes)

Black Berry Quilt

blackbery%20.jpg (225x300 -- 58140 bytes)

Black Berry with less light!

blackflame.jpg (225x300 -- 69733 bytes)

Black Flame - Fast!

Blue%20flame.jpg (225x300 -- 71140 bytes)

Blue Flame

bounceburstb.jpg (225x300 -- 111968 bytes)

Bounce Burst Blue

Charbroiled%20Nat%20flame.jpg (224x300 -- 77633 bytes)

Charbroiled Natural Flame

chroma%20pearlburst.jpg (225x300 -- 63355 bytes)

Chroma Pearl Burst

Cinn2.jpg (225x300 -- 74064 bytes)

Cinnamon Quilt

cinn.jpg (225x300 -- 74266 bytes)

Cinnamon Quilt DC1

copperhead%20C90.jpg (225x300 -- 94613 bytes)


Copperhead%20DC1.jpg (225x300 -- 75724 bytes)

Copperhead DC1

coral%20reef2.jpg (225x300 -- 75768 bytes)

Coral Reef


Brian Moore Custom Colors - Section Two


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