Synergy Guitar Boutique offers Brian Moore, ESP, Don Grosh, Nik Huber, Paul Reed Smith, Suhr and Warrior Guitars.  We also offer Breedlove, Larrivee, Maton, Takamine, Taylor and Washburn Acoustic Guitars. We carry Ritter Bass and Warrior Bass Guitars.  We carry Amps from Diezel, Hughes & Kettner, Mojave Amp Works, VHT & THD.

Bogner Amplifiers, Cabinets and Accessories Authorized Dealer

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Bogner Uberschall Amp Sound Clips
Samples played by George Lynch
UberGeorge01  High Gain Channel
UberGeorge02  High Gain Channel
UberGeorge03  High Gain Channel

Samples played by Mike Tempesta  
Uberschall-02  High Gain Channel
Uberschall-03  High Gain Channel
Uberschall-04  High Gain Channel

Samples played by StoneSour
Uberschall-08  High Gain Channel - Left Side
Uberschall-09  High Gain Channel - Left Side
Uberschall-010  High Gain Channel - Left Side
Uberschall-011  High Gain Channel - Left Side
Uberschall-012  High Gain Channel - Left Side

Samples played by Reeves Gabrels
Uberschall-017  High Gain Channel
Uberschall-018  High Gain Channel
Uberschall-019  High Gain Channel

Samples played by Jack Frost of Seven Witches
Uberschall-020  High Gain Channel

Samples played by Pat Piegari
Uberschall-021  High Gain Channel
Uberschall-022  Medium Gain Channel
Samples played by Matte Henderson
Uberschall-024  High Gain Channel
High Gain Channel

UBERSCHALL Clean Channel Clips
Samples played by Lyle Workman
Uberschall-013  Clean channel Baritone & '63 Strat, Harmonics w/ whammy shimmers
Uberschall-014  Clean channel '65 SG Special, Rich chord-melody.
Uberschall-015  Clean channel '57 Les Paul Jr., Gain dimed-chunky classic grind
Uberschall-016  Clean channel '57 Les Paul Jr., Articulate arpeggio


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