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Bogner Uberschall Amp Owner's Manual


Please read safety instructions before operating this amplifier!

The Bogner Uberschall features a Classic clean channel with volume, gain, bass, middle, treble and presence controls. Pound all your pedal effects into this channel, the harder you hit it the more it smiles to show you its fangs. Seems pretty innocent huh? Just wait... we then unleash mayhem with the Five-Mega Ton SUPER AGGRESSIVE high gain channel with gain, bass, middle, treble, volume and presence controls. You think you've heard BASS before, no way, the UBERSCHALL will shatter your rib-cage, you better put 911 on speed dial! Even with extreme gain and volume this channel stays massively focused and resists mushing out from the heaviest right-hand attack. Have some other crazy effects? Put them through the Tube buffered effects loop. Power comes from a throaty EL34 output section.

Go ahead, try and hide from the UBERSCHALL it will seek you out, relentlessly, while you sleep, in this life and the next... But all will soon embrace the UBERSCHALL and we will wonder how anyone tried to play Standard tuning, 7 String or Dropped low tuning guitar without it...Through Anarchy comes Peace.

1. Features:

  • Two channel all tube design with Fiber optic backlight
  • Global Master Volume
  • Each channel has Independent: Volume, Gain, Bass, Treble, Middle, & Presence controls
  • Tube buffered effects loop with mute switch
  • Line-Out jack
  • Foot switchable channel switching and effects loop mute (footswitch included)
  • 120 Watt EL34 Tube Power Amp Section
  • Available as Head

DIMENSIONS and WEIGHTS: Are subject to change anytime, Please measure your amp carefully if a Custom Case is being made. All measurements include handle and rubber feet. Weights include our shipping box and packaging.

Head: 10 5/8" height x 27" width x 11 7/8" depth, 53 pounds

2. Before you turn the amp on: O.K. we know most of you are too excited to read the entire manual before you start playing your new baby UBERSCHALL, so we wanted to give you a pretty good starting point for the tone and gain controls. Plug in a speaker! You should refer to the Speaker Outputs section below prior to playing and as always, experiment! but please completely read this owners manual ASAP. Also, note that you will have to turn the Clean channel volume up quite a bit higher to match the output of the High-Gain channel, this is normal. Here we go…

  • Far left "Global Master Volume": 9 o'clock

Clean Channel:

  • Volume: 5 o'clock
  • Presence: 5 o'clock
  • Treble: 5 o'clock
  • Middle: 5 o'clock
  • Bass: 11 o'clock (be very careful with this one, not too much)
  • Gain: 3 o'clock

High Gain Channel:

  • Volume: 1 o'clock
  • Presence: 1 o'clock
  • Treble: 1 o'clock
  • Middle: 1 o'clock
  • Bass: 1 o'clock (be very careful with this one, not too much)
  • Gain: 1 o'clock

3. Input: The UBERSCHALL has a single instrument input, you can alternate between both channels via the footswitch or channel "select" button on the back panel.

4. Controls: Master volume is global, meaning it controls the overall volume of the amp. Each channel has independent volume and gain as well as tone controls. This allows complete flexibility by allowing you to dial your tone on each channel and then turning the overall amp volume up or down depending on your needs.

The Clean channel is very straight forward, it has great headroom that loves to be pummeled by effects pedals. The Bass, Treble, Middle, & Presence tone controls are interactive and allow a wide range of colors to be served up. If your desire is to maintain the most clean headroom, keep the gain down and turn up the channel volume. If you like a little more grit in your clean tone turn up the gain knob to find the sweet spot and then adjust the channel volume. Experiment to find the best balance for your needs.

The High-gain channel is capable of EXTREME GAIN and BASS response. We designed this channel to sound massive and to stay tight and focused even at extreme gain and high volume levels. One of the most unique items is our "Presence" control. It's an amazing combination of a midrange-presence control. As you sweep through its range you will notice an incredible variety of tones this one control allows. For an extremely aggressive sub-harmonic bass and scooped-midrange sound, keep the presence off or very low. A huge 3-dimensional tone can be found by running the presence around 2 o'clock. Pushing the "Presence" control to maximum will allow you to cut a sonic path through the mix by reinforcing your midrange and slightly rolling off the sub-bass. Trust us: REALLY check out the presence control to unleash the hidden secrets of the UBERSCHALL. The "Midrange" control is very interactive with all the other tone controls, you can go from a hollow scooped-mid setting to an aggressive in your face and on your throat kind of intensity. The "Bass" control allows almost a sub-harmonic low-end to be added, at high volumes be sure to keep the bass down a bit to keep your tone focused like a laser beam.

5. Effects loop: Note! Make sure the loop is Off (FX button on chassis is "out" or Off on the footswitch) when no effects are being used. Or your amp will not make a sound. See changes below for Uberschalls made after 8/16/04. The UBERSCHALL features a tube-buffered effects loop that can be muted via the footswitch or the "FX" switch on the back panel. When muted, the instrument signal routes through the rest of the UBERSCHALL circuit but the effects that are in the loop are not heard.

6. Line Out jack: We have offered a padded down (lower output) non-equalized power-amp line out.

7. Speaker Outputs, Impedance Selector: Two Speaker Outputs have been provided, one primary, that should always be used first, and the other for a second speaker cabinet. You must match the Impedance Selector exactly to your Speaker cabinet's impedance. Failing to do this can harm your tone, speakers or void your BOGNER warranty. Ask for professional advice if you don't know your Speakers impedance. When using multiple speaker cabinets refer to the back panel Speaker chart for the proper Impedance Selector position.

*** Uberschall changes implemented after 8/16/04, Adjustable Loop send and Volume Cut function, Bias Test Points, Uberschall Power Amp Mod::

We have added a potentiometer for the effects loop send level, this gives two benefits.

Adjustable Loop send. First, this allows you to optimize the effect loops send level into your effect units input, this can prevent overloading of the effect units input and allows you to use a wide range of effect units.

Volume Cut function. Second benefit. When no effect unit is plugged in the loop, the pot can be used as an adjustable "boost in reverse". Here's how to use this function as a boost, make sure no effect unit is in the loop: Turn the effect loop on and then turn DOWN the effect loop send control on the back panel to adjust your "normal" non-boosted volume level. When you turn the effects loop OFF the amp will get louder, instant boost! Perfect for solos! Once your happy with the ratio of boost to non-boost, then you can adjust the Global master volume on the front panel to determine your overall maximum volume level.

Service Technician Emergency Bias test points: We have added individual tube Bias test points for use by Service technicians only. We use and recommend the more accurate and detailed Scope/Signal Generator method of bias adjustment in addition to these test points. Note: Many non-professional Multimeters are are not accurately calibrated and suffer from a high degree of error tolerance. This feature was added for Service Techs to provide a "quick initial test".

Common or ground plug insert is White color and the four individual tube plug inserts are Blue color. Set your multimeter to mV setting, 1mV = 1mA reading. Connect your multimeters ground test lead to the White/Common insert and the multimeters postive test lead to one Blue/Tube insert. Adjust Bias to 25 mA, +/- 2 or 3 mA. Matched tubes may have +/- 5% tolerences.

Uberschall Power Amp Mod:

The Uberschall now features on amps made after 8/16/04 a muted power amp when no input is plugged into the front input jack. If you wish to use the power amp portion of the Uberschall with another preamp you must do the following: Plug in a "dummy input jack" into the front panel input to activate the circuit. Turn the effects loop on. Select the "dirty" or high gain channel. Now you can use the Global Master volume for your level and also the Presence control on the high gain channel becomes active as well.

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