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Bogner Amplifiers, Cabinets and Accessories Authorized Dealer

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Bogner Duende Amp Sound Clips

Samples played by Greg V.

Duende-01 Clean Reverb drench
Duende-02 Clean fast Tremolo
Duende-03 Clean slow Tremolo
Duende-04 Clean channel Crunch
Duende-05 Clean channel Crunch Trem
Duende-06 Channels combined

Duende-07 Channels combined Pt.1
Duende-08 Channels combined Pt.2

Samples played by Charley Polacheck

Duende-01 Clean Jazzy chords
Duende-02 Clean Tremolo
Duende-03 Clean Fingerpick
Duende-04 Clean Crunch
Duende-05 High gain channel
Duende-06 High gain with Slide

Samples played by Blues Saraceno

Duende-01 High gain channel
Duende-02 Clean channel with gain turned up
Duende-03 Clean channel with mild gain
Duende-04 Clean Tremolo
Duende-05 Clean channel with edge of breakup
Duende-06 High gain channel with grind


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