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Addrock Not So Ol' Yeller Pedal

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The Not So Ol' Yeller picks up where the Ol' Yeller leaves off. It sounds great with a variety of amps and it's variable enough to be useful as more than just a distortion generator, but we've added a second channel and that second channel has more available gain.

Wait! This just in!! We interrupt this description for a late-breaking announcement. The Not So Ol' Yeller has had a last minute modification. We've added two internal trim pots (one for each channel) to fine-tune the high end. So now you can take that clear, bright Ol' Yeller sound and darken it a little or a lot. You decide! Drastically cutting the high-end via the trim pots and cranking the external master tone control radically changes the midrange character of this pedal and makes it very versatile! We're beginning to build these now and they should be available very soon.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled description.

Since it's basically the same as an Ol' Yeller V2, the same basic description applies...

Though the Not So Ol' Yeller is based on a familiar circuit, as are many overdrives past and present, it is far from a clone. One thing you'll notice instantly is the lack of the typical midrange hump and the extra clarity. There is also more available gain and an increased output. But perhaps the most obvious difference is in the tone control. The range is greatly extended; so much so that you may think it is a little bright. This is especially true if you try setting it up like your favorite clone or vintage piece. However the range of the control, which is very sensitive, will take you from dark and thick to "treble booster" bright. This extra top end makes the Ol' Yeller particularly well-suited for adding increased harmonic content to an already overdriven or particularly dark amp.

The low-end and mid-range content is voiced to sound great through any type of amp. It sounds great with 6L6 type amps, 6V6 type amps, EL34 type amps, KT66 types and even EL84 amps! Have I missed anything? We've experimented with an exhausting number of amplifiers ranging from vintage pieces right through modern day production pieces, low gain, high gain, it doesn't matter. The Ol' Yeller is comfortable with them all! Additionally, the "Yeller" responds amazingly well to pick dynamics and cleans up well when you back off on the guitar's volume control making it sound and feel more amp like. Of course it's true bypass with an LED and a DC jack****.

****All Addrock pedals are internally wired to accept a Standard Boss/Ibanez type power adaptor, however the polarity of the circuits must be noted. Boss Ibanez types are usually +9 Volt circuits, whereas many vintage circuits are -9 Volt. Like polarity pedals may be used on a single supply or "daisy chained". Dissimilar polarity circuits will cause cancellation of power and the pedals will not operate. The Not So Ol' Yeller is a +9 Volt circuit.

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Addrock Ol' Yeller Pedal Effect

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