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Warrior Guitars & Bass - Anointed Instruments Authorized Dealer


We are an Authorized Dealer for Warrior Guitars


Warrior Instruments offer Warior Guitars and Warrior Bass Models.

Warrior Guitars and Warrior Bass Models


Synergy's Own Warrior Dran Michael Crusader Guitar

Every rare while, I come across a guitar that is truly a breath-taking masterpiece and claim it for my own.  This experience came with this gorgeous Warrior Instrument aptly titled " The Crusader ".  I actually would have named it that myself and knew it was the name of this Anointed Instrument, before I asked Mark Lewis of Warrior Instruments, the name.  I now would like to present you with...

The Warrior Crusader

This guitar is Not for Sale at this time.

Warrior Crusader - Anointed Inlays

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The Heart of the Warrior


Synergy Guitars is proud to be chosen as Warrior Instruments Dealer for Florida.  Let's get Anointed and Synergized with Warrior Instruments and Synergy Guitars, Today!


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