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Ritter Bass - Authorized Dealer

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We are an Authorized Dealer for Ritter Bass

We are close personal friends with Jen and obviously we do not handle Basses in our store, at all.  We do not stock basses or bass amps and accessories.  We can have a magnificent Ritter custom built for you, at any time and we ONLY support Ritter Basses as they are the finest made.

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Ritter Bass - Custom Extreme Basses from Germany

Ritter Bass - Available Inventory
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Roya Bass Number: 0348 - SOLD

Model: Roya
Strings: 5
Bodywood: Flamed Maple
Bodytop: Burl Maple
Finish: Red Champagne High-Gloss
Electronics: RITTER MASTER Electronics


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Retail Price: $8,000

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