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TC Electronics

Custom Guitar Effects

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The TC Electronics G-Major Guitar Processor

With the G-Major, TC Electronic introduces a Guitar Effects Processor in the “affordable” price range. You should however not be deceived by the price as the G-Major delivers true top quality processing with no unwanted coloring of your beloved guitar-tone. As one of the leading companies in the business of signal processing the vast amount of knowledge and experience concentrated at TC Electronic is all for your benefit. Though each product is unique it is worth noticing the success and achievement gained on other products from TC Electronic. Prices won for astounding Reverb quality, Compression techniques and numerous other classic TC effects such as Dynamic Delay and Chorus guaranties also the quality of this product. Logical operation via the intuitive user interface will let you setup a series of quality sounds accessible from any attached MIDI pedal in just a few minutes.

T.C. Electronic has stunned the world again with a fantastic follow-up to the G-Force, which has quickly made its way into thousands of studios around the world. Featuring the same incredibly high-quality, 24-bit crystal clear tone as its big brother, the G-Major is available for less than half the price. Single-button access gets you into delay, reverb, chorus, flange, pitch shifter, filter, modulation, compressor, and noise gate blocks of effects, each with up to five specific effects -- all fully configurable.

If you have never used a multi-effects processor with your guitar rig, you might be wondering whether the acquisition of a G Major will mean days of work ahead. No need to panic! It will NOT take long until your setup with the G Major behaves as you please and adds to your creativity. With the presets already existing your basic needs are most likely covered and you will be set to go within minutes. But chances are that you probably will like to go beyond factory presets and find a more personalized usage of the G Major - and that won’t be a hassle either.

Includes more than 150 presets featuring simultaneous gating, compression, filters, harmonics, tremolo, intelligent pitch shift, chorus, delay and reverb. Capable of performing eight full-blown effects, in any order, at any time. A logical interface makes editing fast and easy. Tempo control is as easy as tapping, setting the note value, and assigning it to a preset parameter. Expression pedal input allows you to use MIDI controllers or a volume pedal, assign it to any number of parameters, so you can open, change, and vary simultaneous effects. Also features S/PDIF ins/outs and supports both 44.1 and 48kHz sample rates; comprehensive LED that shows the whole shebang at a glance; 16 assignable modulators that can be routed to any of the hundreds of parameters; 24-bit A/D as well as 24-bit D/A converters; internal universal power supply; 24K gold-plated audio jacks; heavy-duty extruded aluminum chassis; and more.

The TC Electronics G-Major Guitar Processor

List $695.00

Synergy Price: $549.00