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We are an Authorized Dealer for T-Rex Guitar Pedals and Effects


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T-Rex Betavibe Pedal

The BetaVibe is an analog chorus loaded with features. Unlike other chorus units, the BetaVibe's mix knob allows the user to dial in a very subtle chorus, an all out psychedelic swirl, or anything in between.

Another unique feature is the BetaVibe's ability to create a "ramp up/ramp down" speed change. With the mode button in the down position (and by depressing the tap tempo footswitch) the user is able to change the modulation speed gradually from slow (preset by T-Rex to the minimum speed) to fast (the speed setting selected by the user). By depressing the tap tempo footswitch again, the unit gradually changes the modulation speed from fast to slow. The result is remarkably identical to a real leslie rotor.

With the mode button in the up position, the user is able to change the modulation speed manually by "tapping it in" via the tap tempo footswitch. Tap tempo, speed and on/off functions can also be controlled externally, via the built in midi socket.

The circuitry is entirely analog, with the exception of some digital circuitry to accommodate the MIDI functions. The signal however, only signal passes thru analog circuitry. The volume control is unity gain in the 12 o'clock position and provides up to 3 dB boost in the maximum position. The BetaVibe is true (hot-wire) bypass and comes with a 12 volt external power supply.

T-Rex pedals are handcrafted in Denmark and offer a 2 year unconditional warranty.

Dimensions: 4" wide, 4.75" deep,1.5" high

List $450.00

Synergy Price: $399.00

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T-Rex.jpg (210x96 -- 3345 bytes)