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Custom Truss Rod Covers for PRS Guitars

Hand Crafted Custom Truss Rod Covers at Synergy Guitars.  As far as we know, aside from the Gentleman that makes these beauties, we are the only Authorized Dealer in the United States.  If you had never had the pleasure of truly customizing your Paul Reed Smith Guitar, this is a great way to start.  Hand Inlaid in Rosewood, Ebony and a variety of other woods, these custom TRC will be a truly significant upgrade, to an otherwise gorgeous PRS Guitar. Inlays are usually set in Abalone, Mother of Pearl or Apaca Silver, but many other metals and stones can be used. Custom Designs are welcome.


PRS Custom Truss Rod Covers - In Stock!

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PRS Santana OM Symbol

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PRS Flying Eagle Symbol

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Dragon Head Apaca Silver w/ Turquoise Eye

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Photo Coming Soon


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Dragon Abalone Truss Rod Cover   Dragon MOP Truss Rod Cover

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NEW - Dragon Apaca Silver Truss Rod Cover


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PRS-Truss-Rod-Cover-067.jpg (300x225 -- 7653 bytes)

OM Symbol Apaca Silver Truss Rod Cover   OM Symbol MOP Silver Truss Rod Cover

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OM Symbol Abalone Silver Truss Rod Cover   Flying Eagle Abalone Truss Rod Cover

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Flying Eagle MOP Truss Rod Cover   Flying Eagle Apaca Silver Truss Rod Cover

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Dragon Head Apaca Silver with Turquoise Eye Truss Rod Cover

PRS-Truss-Rod-Cover-039.jpg (300x225 -- 9462 bytes)

vNEW - Snake's Head - Abalone Truss Rod Cover

PRS-Truss-Rod-Cover-056.jpg (300x225 -- 8483 bytes)

NEW - Egyptian Hieroglyphics Eye - Abalone on Rosewood

PRS-Truss-Rod-Cover-059.jpg (300x225 -- 8354 bytes)

NEW - Egyptian Hieroglyphics Eye - Apaca Silver Truss Rod Cover

IMG_5806.jpg (324x195 -- 7553 bytes)

NEW - Egyptian Eye with Pyramid - Abalone Truss Rod Cover

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PRS-Truss-Rod-Cover-055.jpg (300x225 -- 8356 bytes)

NEW - Spider Apaca Silver - Ebony Truss Rod Cover   NEW - Spider Abalone - Rosewood Truss Rod Cover
PRS-Truss-Rod-Cover-062.jpg (300x225 -- 8415 bytes)   PRS-Truss-Rod-Cover-049.jpg (300x225 -- 7882 bytes)
NEW - Tribal Sun - Abalone Truss Rod Cover   NEW - Leaf - MOP Truss Rod Cover

Synergy Custom Truss Rod Covers for PRS Guitars

OM Symbol, Flying Eagle, Dragon, Spider, Tribal Sun & Leaf Symbols - Please specify which in Order Form.  Thank You.

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