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Hughes & Kettner Amplifiers & Accessories

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We have discontinued the Hughes & Kettner Guitar Amplification line while they are being distributed by Pearl International in the USA.

Hughes & Kettner Amplifier Models

DSM ( Dynamic Sector Modeling Amps ) Zentera Combo


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Impeccable tone, flawless response-this is the goal, the dream that the Hughes & Kettner team shares with all guitarists who are serious about their sound.
The true nature of real tone is that it is never static, but instead has the vitality of a living, breathing entity.

The zenTera is the first amp to incorporate leading-edge high-end signal processors with enough processing power and speed to make an exact clone, employing highly detailed models, of the critical tonal factors-namely, each of the various component groups, or sectors, of the amps. These virtual sectors interact just like the actual component groups. Feeding off each other, the components develop all the subtleties in frequency and dynamics that the given amp is noted for. Indeed, "Dynamic Sector Modeling" (DSMô) is more than just a sonic snapshot of the final sound - it is a re-creation of the original tone, complete with all the dynamic subtleties that arise from the interplay of the component parts.

This elaborate process was used in the zenTera to transport eight milestones of amp history into the virtual realm. Each of these amps can be called up at the touch of a button with all of its peculiar dynamics and inherent character intact, yet without the tonal limitations of previous digital amps. For the first time, the convenience and versatility of digital technology and the quality of tone of the world's great analog amps are available in a single stunning package. This combination of digital flexibility and analog tonal richness and depth makes the zenTera the tool of choice for the professional player who wants to enjoy the benefits of classic tube tone as well as the latest innovations coming out of the high-tech lab.

Hughes & Kettner's engineers have invested their entire know-how in the analog side of the zenTera input section to make it the most responsive interface imaginable between instrument and amp. A 24-bit converter with a dynamic range of 116 decibels ensures that all the subtleties in the player's attack are accurately translated into expressive tone. In terms of signal processing, only the best is good enough for the zenTera. Only the latest generation of high-performance 32-bit floating point DSPs were up to the task of meeting our stringent requirements for absolutely superior tone.

All it takes is a simple touch of a button to transform the zenTera from a '57 Tweed into a '68 Plexi or another classic amp. Best of all, even the most uninformed will hear the difference, and the most jaded will be impressed. Not only is the given amp type switched, all sound-shaping sections, for example the tone controls, behave as they do on the original. Even the sound-shaping properties of the original housing and loudspeakers are modeled with detailed accuracy in the cabinet/speaker sector of the zenTera.

The effects section of the zenTera features reverb, delay and modulation effects of a quality comparable with the finest studio devices. But there's much more to rave about, including an astoundingly authentic spring reverb and exceptional emulations of the classic stomp boxes. Particularly when used in concert with vintage clean and crunch amps, the two signals merge as if destined for one another, in the process forming one of the most remarkable audio sensations ever experienced. Setting parameters for the effects is just as easy as tweaking the amp's other controls, without the nerve-racking tedium of stepping through menus. Every effects category has its own controls, parameters are edited via three additonal dedicated knobs. A convenient "Tap" button makes it easy to enter the tempo of a given song to sync the delay time up to the beat. The amp also includes a stereo FX loop for the connection of external effects devices.

All Amp Type, Gain, Voicing Section, Master and Effects settings can be saved to 128 memory locations as presets and can be called up at the amp itself or via a MIDI Stageboard (optional).

The large, well-illuminated custom display shows preset number, amp type, adjusted parameter values and effects in plain text Glows and Reads in
A stereo power amp (2 x 100 watts) and two 12" Celestion speakers make the zenTera an all-in-one-package that packs a punch powerful enough for every stage.


High-grade input section with 24-bit converter / 116 dB dynamic range.
Two 32-bit floating point DSPs of the latest generation for maximum dynamics and processing bandwidth.
Eight DSMTM models accessible as Amp Types EQ featuring Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence with amp-specific response Effects section featuring high-grade reverb, delay and modulation effects; all effects are variable and editable directly without clumsy menus. In addition, several vintage stomp boxes are available as digital models.
Stereo insert loop for external effects devices Analog and digital (S/PDIF) outputs with speaker simulation Large custom display indicating preset numbers, settings and functions in plain text.
128 memory slots for freely editable and storable presets.
Output controller for acoustic emulation of the original cabinet/speaker combination.
Stereo power amp (2 x 100 watts).
2 x 12" Celestion loudspeakers.
Weight: approx. 64 lbs (29 kg).

Retail Price $6,499.00

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Hughes & Kettner Zentera Head

Hughes & Kettner Zentera Combo

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