Synergy Guitar Boutique offers Brian Moore, ESP, Don Grosh, Nik Huber, Paul Reed Smith, Suhr and Warrior Guitars.  We also offer Breedlove, Larrivee, Maton, Takamine, Taylor and Washburn Acoustic Guitars. We carry Ritter Bass and Warrior Bass Guitars.  We carry Amps from Diezel, Hughes & Kettner, Mojave Amp Works, VHT & THD.




Brian Moore Guitars


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Brian Moore Custom Guitars

Brian Moore Custom Guitars are now available exclusively direct from


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Brian Moore C90 Custom Shop Guitars
Brian Moore DC1 Custom Shop Guitars
Brian Moore C55 Custom Shop Guitars
Brian Moore Custom Shop Guitars - Current Inventory
Brian Moore Custom Shop Colors
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Brian Moore Custom Shop Colors - Section 3

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Natural Flame

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Natural Quilt

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Purple Quilt

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Sea Turtle Flame

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Sea Turtle Green Quilt

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Silver Sparkle

Spalted Maple

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Translucent Burgandy

Do the Above Bodies Look Familiar ? Probably, Because They are Here at Synergy Guitars!

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Vintage Yellow

Spalted Maple Flame

wenge-maple.jpg (225x300 -- 42814 bytes)

Wenge Maple

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White Pearl

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Chroma PB2

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Chroma PB3

Chroma%20PB4.JPG (289x300 -- 64653 bytes)

Chroma PB4


This Space Left Intentionally Blank

That's Funny!

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Moon Burst

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Black Saturn


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