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Breedlove Guitars

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Breedlove Custom Acoustic Guitars and Mandolins from Synergy Guitar Boutique

Breedlove Acoustic Guitars

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The Breedlove Guitar Difference


The Breedlove tone is an outcome of the way we brace our tops. All of our guitars have tops voiced both before and after the braces are applied. We utilize a modern bridge truss device (patented by J.L.D. Guitar Research) that counterbalances the string tension on the top of the guitar. Does this mean our guitars lose the ability to vibrate well? Just the opposite. In the past, building a guitar top has required trade-offs between sturdiness for longevity, and lightness for resonance. Due to the increased structural integrity of the bridge truss, we are able to brace our tops for optimal vibration and sound quality. This creates what we call a relaxed top. You will also notice the back of our guitars vibrate more than other guitars. The result is a responsive guitar with rich bass, balanced mids, sweet highs, and a remarkable balance of sound when playing notes up the fingerboard.

 A guitar where the strings pass over the nut and then angles sharply towards the tuner posts has added dampening, which causes loss in sustain. So we designed our peghead so the strings between the tuners and the nut are parallel to the rest of the string. Then we have the Breedlove Pin-less Bridge. Why drill 6 holes through a part of the guitar that needs stability?

The ancient ones believed that the spirit lived in all things. In that tradition, our skilled luthiers pass on the respect and care to the materials that create our guitars. Bodies of beautiful tone woods, inlays of hand etched abalone and mother of pearl from Pacific waters and richness and power of sound that will give a new voice to your music. Play a Breedlove guitar. Let the spirit move you.the difference

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