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George Lynch Guitar Cable by American Recorder

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GEORGE LYNCH Signature Series Guitar Cable

George Lynch, guitar player extraordinaire, demands the very best from his guitars, amps and equipment...but has never been satisfied with any of the guitar cables he has used. George says;

“I have tried just about every guitar cable under the sun. Most cables just made my guitars sound flat and muddy. On top of that, many of these cables, including the expensive ones, were unreliable due to shabby workmanship. There is nothing worse than cable failure during a show!“

George, through one of his industry contacts, heard about AMERICAN RECORDER TECHNOLOGIES, INC. and our unique, no compromise cables made with MOGAMI WIRE. George was already familiar with MOGAMI through his many years in the recording studio and felt these cables were worth trying out. After just one session, George had this to say;

“The sound was there... with richness, texture and clarity. Without question, I was definitely impressed with the sonic performance and the construction of these cables!“

George then ask us to outfit his entire Lynch Mob 2003 tour system, provided we could use a light weight, all metal connector with a 360 degree strain relief...which did not exist until now. Our exclusive, state of the art, precision made, billet aluminum connector offers superior strength and endurance over plastic and steel connectors and is exclusive to the

GEORGE LYNCH Signature Series Guitar Cable.

20' Cable List $80.00

Synergy Price: $69.00


30' Cable List $99.00

Synergy Price: $79.00


GEORGE LYNCH Guitar Survival Kit In Stock

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